How we care?

CurovisCare programs

Primary Health Check-up

for diabetes, obesity, liver, kidney, respiratory, thalassemia,

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Corporate Programs

A dedicated program for employees

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Cancer Program

Complete cancer diagnosis for each and every part of the body

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Family Programs

A complete family check-up for all age groups covering

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Exceutive Program

For both males and females

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Healthy Living Profiles

Required for living a happy life

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Maternal Programs

A special care to women

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Cardiac and Metabolism Program

Diagnosis of the leading health issues in India

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Whole Body Screening

Covers four levels of screening conducted at different intervals in life

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Senior Citizen Programs

A special elderly care is given by Curovis through this program

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We are providing UNDER ONE ROOF, a complete setup of laboratory investigation with radiology and healthcare professionals.

Being the only centre with an ultimate one-stop solution to all your health problems

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