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The importance of a Regular Health CHECK-UP

Just like investing in a retirement fund, it is extremely important to invest in your health today in order to enjoy a healthy and productive life in your later years. For this reason, it is extremely important for us to do everything in our means to mitigate the risks of the unknown. By educating ourselves, optimizing our health and taking proper measures, we can greatly increase our chances of avoiding or at least improving and managing health problems as soon as they begin or about to begin. Therefore, by investing in today, we can transform the unknown and unexpected into the known, well-planned and managed tomorrow.

So how does one get to know more about the inner-workings of his or her own body? Without doubt, the best tool we have for doing this is the regular or periodic health check-up. With the growing appreciation of the importance of early-detection and diagnosis of illness, the periodic check-up has become a centre of primary prevention health care.

Clinical, radiological , laboratory & other examinations performed in a check-up provide health information which, when analysed from an epidemiological view, can be valuable in predicting “unforeseen” health events such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, vitamin-iron deficiency, thalassemia and other health complications that can reduce the quality and length of our lives.

Therefore, a periodic check-up not only significantly improves your long-term health quality but also greatly reduces your long-term healthcare expenses.Curovis healthcare has come up with CurovisCare Programmes, as care is required in any stage of life, are designed to fulfil a person’s everyday need for staying fit and healthy.

Primary health check-up 

for diabetes, obesity, liver, kidney, respiratory, thalassemia, thromophillia, cancer and heart, which are the leading causes of death in India.

Curovis Corporate Programmes

We have dedicated a complete programme just for corporates which includes pre-employment check-up, pre-employment executive check-up and annual check-up.

Curovis Cancer Program

Complete cancer diagnosis for each and every part of the body

Curovis Family Programmes

We are also providing special family health check-up programmes covering children, teens, women and men.

Curovis Exceutive Program

For both males and females

Healthy Living Profiles

Required for living a happy life

Curovis Maternal Programmes

We are having specific women programme starting from pre-martial to before pregnancy; i.e., pre-conception and pregnancy planning, during pregnancy; maternal and antenatal check-up, post-pregnancy consultancy and menopause diagnosis and monitoring.

Curovis Cardiac and Metabolism Program

Complete cancer diagnosis for each and every part of the body

Curovis Whole Body Screening

Covers four levels of screening conducted at different intervals in life

Senior Citizen Programmes

A special elderly care is given by Curovis through this program

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